Need extra help? Renovations can be complex, let us provide extra support.

Starting at $3,500

Great for First-Time Renovations

What's included:

    • Work with your dedicated architecture team to understand and achieve your design goals and dreams
    • Custom mood board, color palette and layouts matching your style
    • Work with your dedicated architecture team to 
understand and achieve your design goals and dreams
    • Fully dimensioned floor plan if your design
    • Shopping list of your fixtures, finishes & furnishings
    • Construction plans and interior elevations
    • Lighting & electrical plans
    • Design & construction specifications
    • Construction-level shopping list
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    Project cost

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    Review of contractor requests, submittals, and change order review

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    Contractor bid leveling and onboarding

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    Review of contractor schedule

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What to Expect During The Design Process

Day 1

This is where your journey with Partner begins

It’s important to start on the right foot. This is why we provide both a Project Kickoff and Project Closeout with you and your contractor.

From Our Clients

"We loved working with Partner so much that we hugely increased the scope of our work. First we just wanted a bathroom and a kitchen updated but we loved the possibility they brought to our space so much that we got designs for every space. I can’t recommend this service enough!"

Emi & Byron

Premium | Entire Apartment

From Our Clients

"Great architects to work with. They found nice things that didn't break the budget but also weren't boring."


Plus | Home Gym, Living Room

From Our Clients

"The design process was efficient and on point. The 'Starter' gave me a great sense of what the space would look like, and Partner identified everything needed to convert my space. When I upgraded to 'Premium' they even helped me identify and hire a GC to bring their design work to life!"


Premium | Bathroom

From Our Clients

"Partner worked their magic through a very collaborative process, from helping us understand our preferences, to offering options that worked within our constraints and our budget, to developing designs and construction docs and supporting our GC daily."

Olivia & James

Premium | Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Dining, Living Room