Partner is your new way to renovate. Built by Brooklyn architecture studio, Bright Architecture, we use our professional expertise to help homeowners achieve successful projects that meet their style, needs, and budget.

Our simple idea has evolved into a dynamic platform that delivers affordable architecture and design services for any room (or rooms!) of your house. Our experienced architects and designers will assist you from your initial idea to your renovation’s completion.

Work & Practice

We like to think of ourselves as forward-thinking, energetic, and problem solvers. Our commitment to excellence in architecture, interiors, and product design further enhances and engages our relationships with long-standing clients, consultants, and contractors.


Design is optimistic. It can bring joy, express emotion, share experiences but most of all, design is connective.

Embrace diversity. Our projects are better and more successful when we are aware of place...

Meet Our Designers

Nathan Bright

Nathan is our Founder and Architect. He’s great with simplifying the complex process of renovations. His ideal partnership? Donuts + Donut Holes… Can’t have the donut without the hole!

Holly Mumford

Holly is our Head of Design. She loves getting to the heart of clients' needs to make the space extra special for them. Her ideal partnership? Bread + Butter, all day!

Amy Cole

Amy is our Project Architect. She’s great with helping clients through the permitting process. Her ideal partnership? Guac + chips.

Muiris Dore

Muiris is our Studio Director. He’s great at building relationships with clients. His ideal partnership? Him + his wife!

Mingxun Zou

Ming is our junior designer. He’s great with 3D modeling and animation. And he also sings! His ideal partnership? Diet Coke + Hotpot.

Alba Blaku

Alba is our Junior Designer. She loves getting to know our clients and hearing what they envision for their spaces. Her ideal partnership? Pen + Paper.

Siddhi Rathi

Siddhi is our junior architect. She loves walking clients through their designs and bringing their dreams to reality. Her ideal partnership? Paint + Brushes.

Lauren Hoist

Lauren is our Director of Marketing & Business Development. She loves articulating branded content and ideas. Her ideal partnership? Gin + Tonic.